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Breaking news (as of April 13, 2016):

Meeting Venue Changes

    With With the unexpected passing of long time BAEM president Don Jones, the club has lost our Chabot Collage sponsor and will need to find new meeting venues. For the April meeting we will meet a Chabot Collage starting at 10:00. This is perhaps as a "one time" opportunity. We have an invitation to meet regularly at the Golden Gate Live Steamers club facility in the Berkley hills. One meeting discussion topic will be options for future meeting venues.  Alternating sites in north and south bay is an option under consideration.  More to come . . . watch for the next newsletter and web page updates.

BAEM receives 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship has awarded the Bay Area Engine Modelers Club their lifetime achievement award for 2016.  This is the first award to a group rather than an individual.  Certificate show below; link to award narrative at 2016 Award.

award certificate